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I help ambitious women who are holding themselves back from who they truly are so they can regain their confidence and discover a new sense of purpose with what they wear. 

Why working with Anne-Marie?

Anne-Marie is an internationally certified transformational life coach from the leading Coaching Academy, Animas Coaching in London. She has also done a course in  Existential coaching in 2020, She has a vast experience in the fashion industry in London, where she worked as a makeup and hair artist for fashion magazines and catwalks. She believes we step into our true uniqueness and gain confidence when we start being present and increasing our self awareness. 

Anne-Marie's unique transformational 1:1 coaching / mentoring program - Confidence connected to your style, is designed to help you to work on your inner awareness and confidence - coupled with developing your own unique clothing style. You will discover your style, body shape and how you can use colours to enhance your style. Your wardrobe will be organised with the clothes that you love and that you can wear. We will look at your buying habits as well as how you can become more efficient to make the right style choices in store and online.   In this program we will also look at how authenticity, lifestyle, identity (the meaning of being you) and the meaning of what you wear can impact on your style choices .

Anne-Marie is not an image consultant but someone who believes that finding your style is connected to how well you know yourself. Style is a reflection of who you are. If we can be curious and enjoy the process you will then also get a long term get an inner as well as outer transformation and find your uniqueness in your style. 


What is transformational coaching?

Transformational Coaching is a client led process which offers guidance, through attentive listening and asking explorative questions to help you move towards fulfilment and happiness. The coach facilitates the process  and helps you to navigate through your chosen subjects in a non-judgemental space. This gives you a bigger self-awareness which will result in changing your situation and thinking so you can move forwards with transforming your life. This new transformation can happen in areas such as business, lifestyle, health, the relationship to yourself and others

We often hold imaginary limiting self beliefs  (for example: "I will never get what I desire, I am not worthy of being liked by my peers, I always get betrayed by people" - these are assumptions or perceptions that you've got about yourself and about the way the world works. These assumptions are “self-limiting” because in some ways they're holding you back from achieving what you are capable of.  With the coach's help you will discover which limiting beliefs holds you back from living a life purposefully. 




Transforms your inner and outer confidence and awareness.

If you are feeling you’ve lost your confidence within yourself, your body and style, then this program is for you.

What is your body image and awareness? What are your over all health routines? Do you want to know yourself better and raise your self-love bar? Get that positive feeling back about yourself?  We will work together with these and other struggles that might come up.

We will also go through your clothing style. What you wear is a reflection, a mirror of who you are. What are your current clothes saying about you? What is your personality style? You love clothes and fashion but the mass consumerism bothers you and perhaps you want to know how to find alternatives?

I will help you to keep the clothes that are serving you and feels like"you" and get rid of the clothes that are no longer a representation of who you are. This can be a cathartic process -when we leave something behind, there is something new that we discover- our true self. We will do a shopping session and I help you select pieces that will fit your body shape, your personality and lifestyle. I feel comfortable working with sustainable fashion, second hand / vintage clothing as well as high end fashion and high street.

This program will transform and reinforce your inner and outer confidence so that you feel connected to your authentic self.

The coaching / mentoring is offered online only at the moment. The sessions are one hour or two hour long. Please contact me for a free consultation where I give you the session outline.

Testimonial by Helena Lachowycz: "Working with Anne-Marie has been transformational. It's given me better awareness of my shape and has reduced my body dysmorphia. If you have been using clothes to hide, have lost your identity, have changed shape or too young to dress like your mum (sorry mum ) than sign up for Anne-Marie’s confidence connected to your style programme, you won’t regret it."

Investment: 8 sessions 889 Euros.



Raising your productivity, health and growth.

Have you lost the belief in yourself of your true potential? Struggling with finding your life purpose? Are you having fear and doubts about your future? Then this program is for you.

Your daily routine is very important. This program is going to unlock your true potential, your productivity and motivation. Together we find your passions in life and how you can best utilise them. 

We will look at how you can get back in touch with who you are, your core values - if they are matching with your lifestyle, what purpose your life holds and what might stopping you from your desires. We will also look at what you might need to change in terms of diet and health regime which is so important to your inner wellbeing and motivation. 

This program will transform the way you see your self and you will find your passion, energy and zest for life again. You will get mentally and physically strong and confident and learn tools that you can utilise when needed.

Testimonial from Meenal Savani: "Anne-Marie has been patient and non-judgemental throughout the process. She has a gentle yet powerful way of guiding me to take bold steps to what I desire. Thank you Anne-Marie!”

Investment: 8 sessions 600 Euros


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“Believe you can and you are half way there.”

Theodore Roosevelt

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