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Welcome to Colouryour Life Coaching!
My mission for women and men, is to discover that what they wear is a gateway to internal happiness and confidence. What you put on ultimately changes how you feel about yourself. Many of us (including myself for many years) get stuck in wearing the same thing day in and day out, putting on clothes that don’t even feel like they reflect who we truly are anymore. This is where I come in. I want to help you discover your clothing personality, and how your core values and the person you are can spill over into your personal style. I will give you practical tools and knowledge in confidence of your body shape, which specific colours suit you based on your natural colours, and how you can mix and match your clothes to achieve the desired personalised style.

My goal for you is to have a wardrobe in which you want to wear every item you have, feel “you” in your clothes, and be excited every time you open your closet doors.


Free Style Guide

Do you feel your wardrobe is overwhelming you and you currently feel uninspired with what you wear? You will receive my complimentary style guide about how you can make your style feel like you with 5 simple steps!


Style & Confidence Program

Are you ready to feel good within yourself and what you wear? If yes, then my ten-week one-to-one Style & Confidence program is for you. Upon completion, you will feel confident both inside and out, and you will save money in the long run.

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The masterclass will be packed with practical tools and tips. You will learn;
1. How to identify what your style is.
2. About body types and why that is important when choosing outfits.
3. How to avoid buying clothes that you never wear.

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Meet Anne-Marie Simak
Your Transformational Style and Confidence Coach

As a style and confidence coach, I want you to feel great on the inside and look fantastic on the outside. I don’t believe in taking one away from the other. As kids, we were told that the outside is not so important, and that we should focus more so on the inside. Even though this is true, I believe embracing our appearance is equally as important for our mental well being, and confidence. When you feel great in your clothes, the mind follows suit. I want to teach you exactly that, with the best ways to achieve a personal style you love and feel confident in. I want You to feel YOU in your clothes!I am looking forward to having this journey with you!

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client love

Thank you, Anne-Marie, for a transformational experience! I feel more coherent with how I present myself, which is empowering!


With Anne-Marie’s support, my discovery helped me draw out my insecurities and change certain limiting beliefs around them.


I loved working with Anne-Marie. I feel so much more confident dressing now and can’t wait to start curating my capsule wardrobe.


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