Fall Fashion
Course date: 23rd of August, 2021

Uncover Your Style & Be Confident With What You Wear.

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This 6 weeks on-line course is for women who want to transform their lives by being confident with their style and loving all their clothes in their wardrobe without feeling guilty of giving themselves permission to be seen and look good! 

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Also, are you spending too much money on clothes that you don't use?
Have you too similar clothes and end up thinking that you don't have enough clothes that you can mix and match?
Do you have clothes that you don't wear for years but still unable to throw them away?  
If any of these above sounds like you?
Then listen up!
The notion about how clothes and style is connected to your inner confidence and expression of who you are is nothing new. 
Most iconic fashion designers have been expressed this for decades.  
Wouldn't it be awesome if you could do it too? Imagine walking outside with an outfit that you knew looked amazing in and felt confident in?
Imagine what would that do for your private and professional life?
Once you decided and committed to your new life (because your life will definitely change for the better), you will see yourself succeeding in so many areas. 
What are you waiting for?

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(Market Value of £3,000)

+ plus weekly progress access online message chats + market value of £1000

Introducing Uncover Your Style & Be Confident With What You Wear Course.

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Total market value of £7,760


During this course, you will: 


* Increase your self awareness and confidence with yourself and your personal style.

* Get a deeper understanding of who you are.

* Uncover your unique style now and for the future.

* Start organising your wardrobe with clothes that you love.

* Understand and learn about your body shape / proportions so that you know what clothes suits you best.

* Get a knowledge and awareness how clothes should sit on you.

* Work on a clear vision board of your future signature style.

* Create a purposeful wardrobe. 

* Learn and understand colours, textures and fabrics.

* Get knowledge in how to mix and match your clothes.

* Become more efficient with your clothes buying - so that you can stop spending  money on clothes you don't need and start buying clothes that you suit you and have a purpose for.

Module 1
Setting a strong foundation

Starting out with really looking at you as a person. Who are you? What does authenticity mean to you/ what is it to be authentic? We will look at your lifestyle vs your values. 

* Be the authentic you. Learn how it is to have an authentic style.

* Learn a bit more about yourself by doing different exercises. 

* You will get clear what your lifestyle is vs what your values are.

* Explore the wheel of life

(Market value of £700)

Module 3
Discover what works for you visually

With this module you will become confident how to choose your clothes.

* Here we will look at your body shape and proportions and take measurements.

* You will get familiar with what shapes of clothes to go for specifically for your body type.

*You will learn the tricks of the trade in fashion.

* Understanding what your purpose are with your clothes.

(Market value of £730)

Module 5
Getting creative

Here we will become creative and learn tricks how you can explore your signature style.


* You will learn how to mix and match colours.

* Discover how to pattern clash.

* You will be learning to use different textures.

* How to accessories is an important part of the style you want to create.

(Market value of £700)
Module 2

Heading 2

Start implementing visually

What clothing personality are you? Here we will continue from last weeks discovery and delve in to your clothing personality.

* Become familiar with your clothing personality is an important part of becoming clear on your existing and future wardrobe. Create your avatar and own name to your specific clothing personality.

* You will learn about how to create your clothing vision board and how you can use it as a personal guide.

* This is the week when you can start practically go through your wardrobe and try your clothes on to compare with your vision board.

(Market value of £750)
Module 4
Becoming clear what's working 

This is where we go through your wardrobe.


* You will be looking at your wardrobe with new fresh eyes. 

* This is where magic will happen.

* There will be a lot of clarity here of what you've learnt so far.

* You will feel lighter because you will clear out things you never thought you would. 

(Market value £430)
Module 6
Become successful with your purchases 

In this module you will learn how to successfully buy on line and in shops.


* We will look at: your shopping habits and how they effect your spending.

* What are the reasons are that you might hate shopping online or in shops.

* You will get important knowledge what to think about when it comes to material and size. 

* You will get tools how you can see that something fits well on you.

(Market value of £450)

I have too many clothes in my wardrobe that don't feel like "me" and I don't feel confident with what I wear. Does this sound like you?  Trust me, you are not alone, many women feel this way. I was one of them for many years.

(Market value of £700)

Are you feeling unsure what colours suit you?
Have you ever gone into a shop or bought clothes on-line, taken them home and never worn them?
How often have you dreamt to have a style that had a connection to your personality?
What happens once you commit to finally take the leap and doing it properly right from the start? 
You will find yourself…
Felling confident with yourself internally and what you wear.
Having a clear idea of who you are.
Feeling in control about your appearance.
Having a greater personal impact at work and in your private life. 
Course includes step by step training videos.  Market Value: £3,210
Workbooks. Market Value £250
Access to a private forum with fellow participants and weekly responses by me. Market value :£300
Total value £3,760
Plus bonuses:
2 hours one-to- one coaching with Anne-Marie
Value £300
2 hours group coaching with Anne-Marie 
Value £300
Total value of bonus £600
Course price (excluding bonuses: £600)
Beta round course (including bonuses) price:

Elektra Haste / Coach / Property developer

“I absolutely loved working with Anne-Marie. Even over zoom I found her really engaging and her passion for style was infectious. Within a few sessions I felt so much more confident choosing clothes and found excitement at the prospect of clothes shopping, rather than the dread I had felt before. She helped me understand my body shape and what ‘tricks’ I could use to enhance certain areas. I feel so much more confident dressing now and can’t wait to start curating my capsule wardrobe.
I no longer fear spending money on clothes, I see it as an investment. As well as the elements of style coaching,
I really enjoyed the more ‘traditional’ coaching discussions. I got to explore aspects of my life in a relaxed and comfortable way. I always left each session feeling clearer, like my mind had been decluttered. I really recommend Anne-Marie if you have any issues around your style or confidence in your appearance. She has curated a great program that gives you tools to take with you and use as your style changes, for the rest of your life. “


Joanne Thompson / Transformational life coach

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Anne-Marie. I was quite nervous as my outward appearance has always taken last priority in terms of my time, effort and money. I was interested to understand why this was. Having coaching sessions alongside style mentoring really helped me to draw out my insecurities and change my mindset around them. I now feel more positive about finding clothes that suit me physically and are an expression of who I am and I'm less inclined to worry what other people think of what I wear. It's about how I feel not their feelings.
I really liked going through different styles and creating a vision board of the things I liked. It was also useful to understand more about my body shape. I'm now able to look at myself with a more critical eye and actually see how things look and make me feel. I never really did this before - It was always a quick glance and it was ok if I looked presentable - I never really took how I was feeling into account. It was quite an eye opener when I went through my wardrobe and realised I didn't like a lot of what I had and I had chosen things I thought I ought to be wearing because of my job, not because I loved wearing them. 
Anne-Marie is patient, honest and understanding. Her questions are powerful and really make you think - she surfaced a few things about my association with clothes that I wasn't expecting and helped me to move past them with the mentoring side of the experience. 
If I travelled back before the sessions I would say I needed to let go of the past more and just be me. If people don't like me or what I do or wear then I don't need them in my life, they are not relevant and I should not pay any attention to them.
Going forward , this is a journey but I now have some solid foundations to work from to rebuild my wardrobe, my sense of style to match my personality and how I want to feel.
I would thoroughly recommend  Anne-Marie as she's genuine, funny and has your best interests at heart and the course boosts your confidence to help you become the 'real you' and actually find joy in spending time on yourself to become who you want to be."


Francesca Carlin / Actress / Coach

It felt empowering going through Anne-Marie’s Style and confidence  program.


What I got most of this program was that I really benefited from taking a look at how I dressed and how that aligned or didn't with my values and the person I am now. 


Something that came up unexpected was that I realized I was about 10 years behind myself in the way I was choosing what to wear. I felt like I had done all this inner transformation but it wasn't reflected visually on the outside.


Now I am starting to feel much more coherence in how I present myself and who I am today. 


The biggest result that I feel I achieved with this coaching/ mentoring program was bringing my style to a place that aligns better with the person I am now. I feel much more in my skin and much more excited to get dressed in the morning. 


3 other benefits that I gained from this program was In personal development, we are always talking about letting go of the things that no longer serve us but I had never thought about applying this to my clothes. It was eye opening how much clothing was no longer serving me or my style that I just couldn't seem to get rid of. 


Another great thing for me was the idea of choosing a signature style that really represented my values and was not only comfortable but also fashionable. 


I also got some great tools for putting together outfits and understanding how to make a look complete and fit my body type. 


I definitely recommend this program. We spend so much time working on improving our "inner" selves that sometimes our "outer" selves get left behind, but it feels so empowering when you see yourself in the mirror and you look how you feel. 


I wish I would have done this sooner!


I think this is such a unique opportunity. It's not so often that you come across a program that is aimed at bringing your personal style in alignment with you and your values. 


Thank you Anne-Marie for a truly transformational experience!