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Self Love - Discover your inner and outer beauty

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With Melanie Sievernich & Anne-Marie Simak

Loving the self is an all-inclusive job that involves our inner as well as our outer beauty. This 6-week course — for women only — includes spiritual, psychological, and transformational coaching practices and exercises, style coaching cleverly interwoven into the weekly topics, plus meditations, affirmations and rituals that support you on the journey back into your heart.

Week 1, Sunday, October 20th: Beauty

Throughout history, mankind has striven for beauty, the ideal of it ever-changing as we grow. So what is beauty? And why is beauty so important to us? In the first week of the course, we will take a close look at the various aspects of beauty and our association with it. Further, we will examen our self perception, put a stop to shaming ourselves and our bodies, and practice positive self talk and kindness with simple but lasting tools that sink deep into our subconscious.

Week 2, Sunday, October 27th: The Self
We keep saying that we must love ourselves. But in order to do so, we must first understand what the self is. In the second week of the course, we will dive deep into our psyche and into our soul, as true beauty resides beneath our skin, to begin shedding the many layers that hinder us from showing up in our full glory during daily life.

Week 3, Sunday, November 03rd: Love
Love — so simple in its original form and yet so complicated to explain or live by. Before addressing the greatest love of all — self love — we will examen our many different relationships that teach and condition us about love in various forms. By understanding these relationships and their purpose, we begin to understand ourselves and our patterns. What are our wants and our needs? What is the difference between building walls and having boundaries? And what does acceptance truly mean?

Loving the self is a lifelong journey that requires daily practice. That is why the third week of the course closes with plenty of tools, exercises and rituals for you to take home and cherry-pick from.

Week 4, Sunday, November 10th: Womanhood
For thousands of years, women have been suppressed, shamed and been pushed into roles that have been laid upon them by a mostly male dominated society. In recent years, we have begun to fight for our freedom, however, unsure of what it actually means to be a women, as our wounds are still bleeding. In week four of the course, we will learn to understand the difference between the divine feminine and the wounded feminine, and how to heal her in order to fully embrace woman- and sisterhood.

Week 5, Sunday, November 17th: Confidence
A false confidence often serves as an outer facade that we put on to masquerade our inner insecurities — comparison not seldom being the root of it. To conquer this wide-spread issue, we will find out what real confidence is, where it comes from and how we can embody it without having an intimidating effect on others.

We will then finish the fifth week of the course with a special session on posing, where you will gain confidence for your upcoming photo shoot. From a classic portrait pose to a glamour covergirl pose — by the end of this class, you will handle it all.

Week 6, Sunday, November 24th: Photo Shoot*
Time to shine! In the final class of the course, you will be able to show your transformation by shining from the inside out. Relax and enjoy, while Anne-Marie does your hair and makeup, before stepping in front of Melanie's camera to have your unique beauty captured.

Course dates:
Sunday, October 20th - November 24th, 2019

Course fee: €395
Early Bird: €345 (until Sept.30th, 2019)

Course hours:
12:30-14:00 & 14:30-16:00**

*A maximum of 100 images is shot per course participant. Every course participant gets to choose one photo of their shoot that will be professionally retouched — each additional photo can be purchased for €20.
**On November 24th, the photo shoot, hours will vary.

About the coaches:

Melanie Sievernich is a writer, a spiritual teacher and educator, and a photographer.

Early years & photography
Originally a dancer, Melanie ran her own ballet school for more than 10 years, teaching the syllabus of The Royal Academy of Dance, London. Influenced by that time, she nowadays likes to include elements of movement in her photography and puts great detail and focus on body posture when posing people in front of her camera.

Photography has opened Melanie's eyes to how absolutely everyone is fighting an internal battle. Irrespective of one's story, nobody seems to be free of beauty and body issues; wether one is a yogi or a supermodel or anything in between. Touched by her experience behind the camera, she decided to create this course — together with Anne-Marie Simak — in order to help people get back in touch with their essence, so true beauty can blossom. Further, it is Melanie's aim to make her photo sessions a self-empowering experience for her clients and to have them gain a greater sense of self love.

Her spiritual journey
In 2010, after a series of injuries had forced Melanie to give up her dancing career, she followed a friend's advice and joined a yoga school. Yoga, however, did not only soothe her physical pain, but also released the energetic blockages in her body, initiating an accidental kundalini awakening — also known as a spiritual emergency or shamanic initiation. Totally unprepared, she was suddenly connected with the spirit world, while frequently traveling into past lives. Having grown up in a very conservative environment, this turned her life and beliefs upside down, eventually leading to total transformation.

As a writer and a public speaker, Melanie is today dedicated in sharing her experiences to help others awaken to the bigger picture of life and to heal their inner wounds, and to raise awareness of spiritual emergencies which in Western societies is often misdiagnosed as psychotic.

Melanie is delighted to be published in The Light, A Book of Knowing, alongside contributors such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Anita Moorjani, and stem cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD. She is also a blogger for The Huffington Post, US. Her upcoming book, Stripped to my Soul - An Intimate Diary of the Journey Within, will be released in 2020.

Melanie is excited to melt her photography and her spiritual work in this course, Self Love - Discover Your Inner & Outer Beauty, seeing and treating both as equally important healing tools.


Anne-Marie Simak is a style- and confidence coach, a transformational life coach, and a celebrity makeup & hair artist and educator.

Early years
Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, with Czech heritage, Anne-Marie moved to London in 1999 where she studied to become a makeup & hair artist. After a successful career in the fashion industry for over 18 years, she was longing for something new, with a deeper meaning attached to it. After an extensive period of world wide traveling, she eventually felt inspired to become a transformational life coach.

Recent years
Shortly after Anne-Marie got her diploma with Animas Coaching in London, she decided to move to Spain, where she developed her unique coaching style — a method that empowers women to feel confident and great from the inside out.

Her influences and inspirations are modern psychology, Brené Brown, Eckhart Tolle and life itself.

Aside her newly found passion-turned-profession, she continues loving the creativity of makeup artistry and enjoys to share her knowledge of the skill by teaching young makeup students.

Anne-Marie is a firm believer of finding one's purpose and staying true to one's core values in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. She is convinced that to meet one's desires, one must leave their comfort zone behind and stop playing it safe.

Anne-Marie loves people, animals and nature and continues finding inspiration on her travels and adventures.

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