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Get Your Style You Always wanted!

A free Masterclass to Kickstart Your Unique Style that Reflects your Personality.

(Let's make sure you will know exactly how by taking some easy steps.) 



You can stop feeling anxious about what to wear if you follow a simple plan.

Let's create and find your unique style with simple steps that you will enjoy learning.


Last call of Enrolment is 5th of January 2021

Imagine having clothes that you love, feel good and confident in.


Wouldn’t that be an amazing feeling?!

X  We are hiding our selves and our bodies in clothes to cover up and not to be seen.
X  We keep clothes in our wardrobe we hardly use anymore despite they don't fit and haven't been worn for many years because of weight loss or weight gain. 
X  The reason why we feel that we don’t have a style is because we are unaware of what suits us and we've lost confidence in ourselves and our style choices.
Last call of Enrolment is 5th of January 2021
Are you ready to….


…take action and start redefining your style and wardrobe?


…stop hiding behind clothes that don’t serve you anymore?


…understand who you are and feel confident with what your wear?


…find out which clothes in your wardrobe you should keep or let go?


….have a style (a signature look) you love?


This FREE Masterclass will help you to:


Easily understand your style and what steps to take to start having a wardrobe that you love without have to hide behind clothes that don’t suit you anymore and waste money on new clothes that don’t feel like “you”….


               ...So you can start feeling confident with what you wear and enjoy your                     clothes in your wardrobe - because you plain and simply deserve it.

Enrolment ends 5th of January 2021

"Working with Anne-Marie has been transformational. Having lost weight and changed shape I really did not know what suited me. This also brought issues of not being aware of what my body looked like, working with Anne-Marie has given me better awareness of my shape and has reduced my body dysmorphia. Having to face my overloaded wardrobe and try every piece on, made me realise that I have only been using a small portion and have similar outfits. There was a lot that no longer fitted or I didn’t like wearing, so taking up some valuable space and hiding items. I love colour; I didn’t necessarily have tones that would go together and didn’t realise that others would – the colour wheel is my new friend. Anne-Marie made me really think who I was and what I wanted my clothes to portray about me.

If you have been using clothes to hide, have lost your identity, have changed shape or too young to dress like your mum (sorry mum ) than sign up for Anne-Marie’s confidence connected to your style programme, you won’t regret it."

-Helena Lachowycz, CEO/Managing Director/Director Skubla limited & Limited Edition Coaching ltd

According to Vogue UK, “Finding your personal style is so much more than discovering what clothes you prefer over others, it is part of a journey and process helping you understand the very core of your identity. 


Discovering your signature look isn't about putting limitations on what you can and cannot wear, but instead it is about having fun experimenting with what feels most like yourself, and also getting the most out of what you do decide to invest in.”

Give yourself this Masterclass and get help from an expert so you can benefit from the methods and framework you can implement to start your journey to discover your style and feel good about it! 

Get excited to have clothes in your wardrobe you love and feel confident in, which will compliment your body and personality.

Elektra Haste, CEO Property developer & Coach:
I absolutely loved working with Anne-Marie. Even over zoom I found her really engaging and her passion for style was infectious. 

Within a few sessions I felt so much more confident choosing clothes and found excitement at the prospect of clothes shopping, rather than the dread I had felt before. 

she helped me understand my body shape and what ‘tricks’ I could use to enhance certain areas. I feel so much more confident dressing now and can’t wait to start curating my capsule wardrobe. I no longer fear spending money on clothes, I see it as an investment. 

As well as the elements of style coaching, I really enjoyed the more ‘traditional’ coaching discussions. I got to explore aspects of my life in a relaxed and comfortable way. I always left each session feeling clearer, like my mind had been decluttered. 

I really recommend Anne-Marie if you have any issues around your style or confidence in your appearance. She has curated a great program that gives you tools to take with you and use as your style changes, for the rest of your life. “
Last call of enrolment is 5th of January 2021 

This Masterclass will help you to stop spending money on clothes that you are not sure about and instead make it clear which style you start develop and feel confident in.


My promise to you is that you will walk out of this Masterclass knowing what steps to take towards finding your unique style and how you can implement the tools I will give you and if you don’t I will personally jump on a call with you to figure it out!

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What exactly can you expect to get out of this Masterclass?
What is your signature style? Steps to create it.
Work with your body shape & proportions to find what suits you. 
Identity - who are you - how is it relating to your personal style.
Style vision board.
What can mixing & matching your clothes do for your wardrobe.
Last call for enrolment 5th of January, 2021
Next Masterclass starting
on the 20th of December.

Is hosting this free Masterclass.

Anne-Marie Simak
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Having clothes in my wardrobe that I love and feel great in makes such a big difference in my life. I feel more confident and content. My clothes really reflects my personality and they feel like “ME” . I am wearing my clothes but the clothes don't wear me.

But it wasn't always like that…

…Even thought I was working in the fashion industry as a hair / makeup artist for over 19 years, with top stylists and producing concept fashion shoot, I understood fashion and loved it, BUT I was still struggling with my own clothing style. I felt both lost with my style and my confidence. 

My challenges were that I didn't have a wardrobe where I could easily mix and match my outfits. I was wearing odd pieces and I was buying different styles, similar colours which never matched together and I constantly felt that I didn't have enough clothes. I often ended up wearing something I bought only once and I wasted a lot of money.

DSC00026 (1).jpg

When I started my self development journey 10 years ago , my self-esteem and confidence started to increased.I got to really know who I was and started appreciating myself.  I became more aware of myself and that had an effect on how I started to dress too. I gradually figured out what clothes I liked and disliked and I started developing my own clothing style

This is why I have created this Masterclass. I want to help other women to get to know themselves better and get a foundation to start their journey of finding their own clothing style they love.

Let’s join me on this Masterclass to create that foundation together.  Please click on the link below to sign up now:

Last call for enrolment 5th of January, 2021