Anne-Marie Simak is an internationally certified transformational coach, fashion mentor, educator, fashion makeup / hair artist, stylist, writer and a speaker.
This is her story: 
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Hi, my name is Anne-Marie.


Since I was a young girl, born and raised in Sweden with Czech parents, I was fascinated with fashion and pop culture. Looking a bit different didn’t scare me at all, which perhaps was because my parents were immigrants, making me feel a bit different anyway. My mother was a skilled tailor, so I grew up with an understanding of crafted couture.


I moved to London 20 years ago to do a makeup and hair course. Soon I started working with stylists on fashion shoots and produced and styled some of my own shoots. Although working in the fashion industry for many years, I never felt connected to my style that suited my personality and didn’t feel confident with what I was wearing. I had lots of different clothes, but they didn’t feel coherent, and I often felt confused by so much choice, which made me jump from one trend to another, costing a lot of money, and waisted clothes I didn’t use.


In early 2017 after doing lots of travelling and self-exploration, I decided to do a transformational coaching course in London. Receiving the diploma, I wanted to help other women who experienced something similar with feeling lost and unsure about their appearance and self-confidence. Today I am working with professional and ambitious women who feel lost and uncertain with their style and want to gain confidence to manifest that in both professional and everyday life.