Anne-Marie Simak is a certified transformational coach, educator, fashion makeup and hair artist, stylist, writer and a speaker. This is her story: 

"We all want to live a life of happiness and fulfilment.  Why are so many of us struggling with it and how does it even look like?"

My own self development journey started 10 years ago. Prior to that I was lacking of self awareness, had a very silent inner voice or dialog within me and struggled with not knowing who I really was.  I didn't have kind thoughts about myself, in fact a lot of my thoughts were negative and I had a hard time opening up about my feelings and took things what people said about me personally. 

The reason why I want you to know this about me is because I've changed things around massively these past years. Real change happens by being consistent with changing your "bad" habits, which often comes from your past to "good" ones. 

If you have had enough of failings in your life, pain, disappointments then take the leap of faith and start creating a life that you dream of and that you deserve. 

Earlier Years

I was originally raised in Sweden and decided to move to London to do a makeup and hair course 20 years ago. Prior to that, in my mid 20s I got chronic fatigue syndrome which still from time to time shows up in my life if I am stressed or if my immune system is down. Getting my illness has in a way been a blessing in the skies. It taught me how to slow down - learning the importance to live a work / life balance and how I can be more kind to myself and be empathetic towards others but still hold boundaries.

Listening to my body has been a priority in my life, how much it can take and how much I can push it to it’s limits with a balance of nurturing it from the inside and out.

Recent Years

After 19 years living and working in London, as a makeup / hair artist in the fashion industry I decided it was time to yet again move country. I had finished my transformational coaching course and was now ready to step outside my comfort zone again and follow my values which had changed over the years. I was longing to be closer to nature, mountains and the sea. I moved to Marbella, Spain in August 2018 where I still live. 

My influences, knowledge and inspirations are from psychology (Carl Rogers, Jung), science of neurology and spiritual teachings from Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks.

It's a true joy working with my clients on their struggles they are facing and to be able to help them to discover their own answers and powers within themselves is one of the most rewarding things about being a coach.  It's a blessing to be able to witness and hold space for someones journey to self discovery.

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