July 22, 2022

Choosing clothes purposfully

More often than not, we don't reflect on our clothes and what is in our wardrobes. But perhaps you notice when nothing in your closet fits together and is full of stuff you don't use.

If you follow fashion and its cycles, you can see that every season offers something different. Let me give you an example; in some autumn/winter collections, you have coats and jackets that have a slim fit, which often follows in spring/summer. Then when autumn comes around again, those fitted patterns have changed to a more loose and oversized style. There are, of course, reasons for that; one is that shops want you to buy new clothes each season. But you also must remember that we humans love to expand and evolve (this is a natural state of all humans), which means that seeing something new feels exciting! We feel alive!

Where do we find a balance between evolving and not over-consuming clothes you don't end up wearing in the future? When you have a purpose, you become more selective with your choices and purchases.

In the dictionary, the word purpose means: (noun) 1. The reason something is done or created, or for which something exists. 2. A person's sense of resolve or determination. Or as a verb, as one's intention or objective. (similar words; intend, mean, aim).

So what does this mean practically? Why don't you wear some of the clothes that you have in your wardrobe:

Many of us have dated clothes in our closets, and we simply can't let them go for years. Why is that? We hold too many memories around them and feel too attached to them. Unfortunately, attachment to clothes means you can't move on, and keeping clothes you are not wearing in your wardrobe will only clog up space, where you can't see what you have in it that you can wear.

Another reason people hang on to their clothes is when they have gained weight and don't fit in them any longer. Also, a change of work or lifestyle (like moving to another country) will probably make you stop wearing much of your normal attire. Those formal outfits you wore will no longer be appropriate, including the winter jackets, for a different climate. As you change your environment and who you are changing over time, your clothes won't feel like you anymore.

Take a look at your current closet and be honest with yourself. How do the clothes that you wear matter? Look at why you wear what you wear. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • When was the last time I wore this piece of clothing?

  • Does this garment serve me right now? How will it benefit me in the future?

  • Do I really need to buy this clothing?

  • What other clothing do I have that goes with this garment?

These questions will give you clarity about what you want in your closet.

Ultimately this will create a wardrobe that you fully utilise, making you feel good about yourself. And on the other hand, not having a purpose can give you a bad start to the day; it's energy-draining ¨not having anything to wear." where you keep having clothes that are not necessarily useful.

So let's put together an intentional closet! The results will be:

  • You start wearing all your clothes: yes, because you will get rid of clothes you don't wear and begin building a wardrobe that will make more sense for you, that you love.

  • You can put together outfits more easily: because you can now see what you have in your wardrobe.

  • You stop wasting money buying clothes you don't wear: because you are increasing your awareness of what you like and need to buy.

  • You get energised by your wardrobe instead of feeling helpless: Your closet will look neat and tidy, and you will have clothes that you love instead of clothes that don't feel like you.

  • You become a more efficient and environmentally friendly shopper; because you think before you buy. You stop buying on a whim and start becoming a conscious consumer.

The relevance of having a purposeful wardrobe is enormous, and by starting to focus on which clothes you wear and which you do not, you will build a wardrobe you love and cherish over and over again.

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