redefine your visual image program

I have designed this unique ten-week program, where you understand how your personality comes through in what you wear. In addition, we look at how you can project a crystal clear message to your audience and a positive business message. In this program, you will have written materials, which include visuals and exercises to help you progress in conjunction with one-to-one online coaching sessions, group sessions, and the option of a complete face-to-face process. My aim with this program is for you to feel confident in your clothes so your clients feel confident in you. 

Let's chat so I can hear more about your goals, what you wish to achieve through your visual branding, and the message you want your audience to receive.

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Who is this program for?

This unique 10-week program is designed for those of you who stand in the spotlight of your business, on social media or on stage. If you are a coach or business leader, my "Redefine Your Visual Self-Image" Program is essential to help you visually convey a strong and powerful message to your audience. Your clear visual message will make your audience feel confident in you, and so will you. What we wear changes how we feel about ourselves, and as a successful leader, you want to feel and look confident in your clothes as well as reflecting who you are in them.

Who is this program for?

If you are an ambitious, career-focused woman or man in a leadership position. You may have experienced a transition in your work role, career, and perhaps you feel a loss of confidence in what you wear, relevant to your body confidence in the past few years. Now you feel it is time to change and create the best version of yourself.

You will learn to

✓ Develop a clear visual message for your current audience.
Build a style with clothes that fit your brand identity.
✓ Understand how to dress your body type using unique bespoke material.
✓ Get rid of clothes that do not serve your self-image today.
✓ Understand what colours suit your skin tone using the twelve-season chart.

✓ How the colours you wear in front of your audience bring out a certain feeling for you, and them.
✓ Be purposeful with your clothing choices by understanding your habitual actions and thoughts about your clothes.
✓ Feel more confident about what you wear by choosing clothes that reflect your personality and your brand.

prograM bonuses

Throughout this program, you will have direct contact with Anne-Marie between sessions, as well as having the opportunity to share your successes and doubts with Anne-Marie via WhatsApp, and together in group sessions.
Lifetime access to the course content.

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frequent asked questions

I want to lose weight before I start the program. Should I wait to start the program?
Will I have to get rid of all my clothes?
How often are the sessions?
Can the program be tailored to my needs?
client love

Going through Anne-Marie’s Style and Coaching program, I liked the most to look at how I dressed now and how that aligned or didn’t with my values and the person I am today. Something that came up unexpectedly to me was that I realised that I was about ten years behind myself in the way I was choosing what to wear. And who I was on the inside did not reflect how I dressed on the outside. It was eye-opening how much clothing was no longer serving me or my style that I couldn’t seem to get rid of. Another great thing for me was the idea of choosing a signature style that represented my values and was not only comfortable but also fashionable. I also got some great tools for putting together outfits and understanding how to make a look complete and fit my body type. Now I feel much more coherent with how I present myself, which is empowering! I would like to recommend this program because you rarely come across a program that aims to align your personal style with your values and, effectively, who you are. Thank you, Anne-Marie, for a truly transformational experience!


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Anne-Marie. I was pretty nervous as my outward appearance has always taken last priority regarding my time, effort, and money. I was interested to understand why this was. With Anne-Marie’s support, my discovery helped me draw out my insecurities and change certain limiting beliefs around them. I now feel more positive about finding clothes that suit me physically and express who I am, and I’m less inclined to worry about what other people think of what I wear. But, again, it’s about how I feel, not their feelings. I liked going through different styles and creating a vision board of what clothes I liked. It was also valuable to understand more about my body shape. I’m now able to look at myself with a more critical eye and see how things look and make me feel. I never really did this before - It was always a glance, and it was OK if I looked presentable - I never really considered how I was feeling. So it was quite an eye-opener when I went through my wardrobe and realised I was not too fond of a lot of what I had. I had chosen things I thought I ought to be wearing because of my job, not because I loved wearing them. Anne-Marie is patient, honest, and understanding. Her questions are powerful and make you think - she surfaced a few things about my association with clothes that I wasn’t expecting and helped me move past them with the mentoring side of the experience. Going forward, I now have some solid foundations to work from to rebuild my wardrobe, my sense of style to match my personality, and how I want to feel.I would thoroughly recommend Anne-Marie as she’s genuine, funny, and has your best interests at heart, and the course boosts your confidence to help you become the real you and find joy in spending time on yourself to become who you want to be.


I loved working with Anne-Marie. Even over Zoom, I found her engaging, and her passion for style was infectious. Within a few sessions, I felt so much more confident choosing clothes and found excitement at the prospect of clothes shopping rather than the dread I had felt before. She helped me understand my body shape and what ‘tricks’ I could use to enhance specific areas. As a result, I feel so much more confident dressing now and can’t wait to start curating my capsule wardrobe. I no longer fear spending money on clothes; I see it as an investment. I really recommend Anne-Marie if you have any issues with your style or confidence in your appearance. She has curated a great program that gives you tools to take with you and use as your style changes for the rest of your life.

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"How to feel confident with your style"

5 steps to a style that feels like you.


We will look at your wardrobe from a different perspective that will change your perception about your clothes. I will be sharing practical tools and tips. Attending this live event is a perfect way to have a wardrobe that works for YOU every season.

The 5 steps towards a brand new wardrobe that feels like you! Without having to spend much money.

Let’s boost your style confidence; in this masterclass, you will learn...

1. How to identify what your style is.
2. About body types and why that is important when choosing outfits.
3. How to avoid buying clothes that you never wear.

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