Confidence programs



Transforms your inner and outer confidence, awareness and health.

If you are feeling you’ve lost your confidence within yourself, your body and style and then this program is for you.

What is your body image and awareness? What are your over all health routines? Want to know yourself better and raise your self-love bar higher? Get that positive feeling back about yourself?  We will work together with these and other struggles that might come up.

We will also go through your style. What you wear is a reflection, a mirror of who you are. Are your clothes saying the right thing about you? You love clothes and fashion but the mass consumerism bothers you and you want to know how to find better alternatives?

I will help you to keep the clothes that are serving you and feels like"you" and get rid of the clothes that are no longer a representation of who you are. This is a cathartic process -when we leave something behind, there is something new that we discover- our true self. We will do a shopping session and I help you select pieces that will fit your body shape, your personality and lifestyle. I work mainly with sustainable fashion and second hand / vintage clothing as I think it's important to live a more environmentally friendly way.

This program will transform your inner and outer confidence. (You can do this program on-line as well, all you need is a camera phone).

Investment: 10 sessions 699 Euros.



Raising your productivity, health and growth.

Have you lost the belief in yourself of your true potential? Struggling with finding your life purpose? Are you having fear and doubts about your future? Then this program is for you.

Your daily routine is very important. This program is going unlock your true potential, your productivity and motivation. Together we find your passions in life and how you can best utilise them. 

We will look at how you can get back in touch with yourself of who you are, what your present core values are and if they are matching your lifestyle, what purpose your life holds and what is stopping you from your desires. We will also look into what you might need to change in terms of diet and health regime. 

This program will transform you the way you see your self and you will find your passion, energy and zest for life again. You will get mentally and physically strong and confident and learn sustainable tools that you can utilise when needed.

Investment: 8 sessions 559 Euros.