What Clients Have Said

“My experience with Anne-Marie has been very valuable, with the greatest thing I gained being an increased self awareness. Learning why I act in certain ways, triggers to this and how to prevent/embrace this in the future was invaluable to me. What was particularly useful was the step by step way of talking about thoughts, feelings and situations which allowed me to draw my own conclusions."

Laura Barraclough, Pharmacist

“I would recommend Anne-Marie for her knowledge and insight in coaching through various issues. She was a joy to work with and helped me a lot in coming to my own conclusions and making changes to my life required.”

Maria Walker, CPPD Project Manager NHS

Meenal Savani, Dietitian and Health Coach at Now Health Coaching

“From the struggle of fear and overwhelm to ease and clarity...that is what has been a major shift for me through being coached by Anne-Marie. Throughout the coaching experience I felt empowered to move my business forward, have clearer vision of how I want to conduct my business and manage my time effectively.
Anne-Marie has been patient and non-judgemental throughout the process. She has a gentle yet powerful way of guiding me to take bold steps to what I desire. Thank you Anne-Marie!”

"I wanted to do some coaching because I am in a transition period in various areas of my life where I have to make important decisions and prioritisation's for the future both privately and professionally. I was struggling with how I was dealing with different internal conflicts, a low self esteem and the way I was communicating with a lot of my personal relationships.

What I really appreciated with Anne-Marie is her ability to listen, I felt understood and she never imposed her ideas on me. She made me ask the questions that I would not have raised by myself and it made me feel more confident to face these issues at this stage of my life.
Her approach is very humble and her advice effective and relevant. Anne-Marie gave me tools that I can put into practice on a daily basis and that helped me to move forward in a more concretely way where I had been stagnant.
Thank you, Anne-Marie for your kindness and your understanding."

Alexandra Jayi, Mom and lighting designer

"Working with Anne-Marie has been transformational. Having lost weight and changed shape I really did not know what suited me. This also brought issues of not being aware of what my body looked like, working with Anne-Marie has given me better awareness of my shape and has reduced my body dysmorphia. Having to face my overloaded wardrobe and try every piece on, made me realise that I have only been using a small portion and have similar outfits. There was a lot that no longer fitted or I didn’t like wearing, so taking up some valuable space and hiding items. I love colour; I didn’t necessarily have tones that would go together and didn’t realise that others would – the colour wheel is my new friend. Anne-Marie made me really think who I was and what I wanted my clothes to portray about me. I had been using clothes but not consciously. I have better awareness; with practice this will improve. Identifying what emotions shopping brought up and why I acted as I did, identified a number of beliefs which were causing me to make poor choices both on what clothes to buy and financially. There are so many influencers who put out what a 40yr old should be wearing; I’m not sure why turning 40 you have to be frumpy! 40 is the new 20 but with money. Anne-Marie helped to ensure my style was that of a sexy strong woman than that of a young woman. If you have been using clothes to hide, have lost your identity, have changed shape or too young to dress like your mum (sorry mum ) than sign up for Anne-Marie’s confidence connected to your style programme, you won’t regret it.


Helena Lachowycz, CEO/Managing Director/Director Skubla limited & Limited Edition Coaching ltd

"I met Anne-Marie in a collective zoom call and we got chatting. When she mentioned she was a coach I thought being in lockdown was an ideal time to work on myself,  and particularly with someone I felt so safe with, despite not knowing her in person. 
My main goal for the coaching was to work through some of my repeating patterns and habits in personal relationships. Anne-Marie gave me valuable tools to recognise and deal with my own patterns and behaviours as well as those surrounding me. 
Working with Anne-Marie was a great experience as she opened my eyes to many ways of seeing myself and my relationships that  I hadn't seen in the past. She has a gentle and kind presence, and she works in a patient way which made me feel safe yet challenged to grow and evolve.  
I think this coaching experience has been a great investment in myself, as it has given me tools and opened doors to new ways of relating and interacting. In a short space of time I feel like I can see a difference. Thank you Anne-Marie."

Alexandra Williamson, Teacher

“I decided to work with a style coach because I like the concept of working on your body image as it’s a large area of life and we look at ourselves every day. It makes sense to tap into this vast reserve of information and find out how it can help us to understand ourselves better.

Anne-Marie was very friendly and open with me. I didn’t feel rushed and I felt very well looked after. When I was picking out some of the outfits I liked, there was no judgement on what I was picking out. On intuition, Anne-Marie helped me to find the clothes I gravitate to but wouldn’t necessarily pick out myself.

The shopping experience gained my awareness of how I think of clothes and it will be more clear of what to choose next time I do clothes shopping.

I feel confident in recommending Anne-Marie to people who want to discover more about themselves through clothing and looking for a new outlook on themselves through style. It’s also a fun experience!”

Zuber Adams, Personal development coach and Child Psychologist

“Anne-Marie’s strengths are that she has the ability of getting the feel of your problems and ask “the right” questions which gives you clarity to why you are thinking in a certain way.


She is a high spirited and trust worthy person who works in a very professional manor. I would highly recommend her."

Katarina Hallen, Project Engineer

“Anne Marie is a very genuine person. And trustworthy. You are in good hands and comfortable with her as a coach.


She is professional and really gives all she can to understand and to confront a problem with the client.”

Sandra Johansson, Deputy Director, Stockholm Council, Sweden