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How do we start working together?

I would love to find out a bit more about you. Email me directly and I will send you a super short form to fill in. We then meet face to face or on-line for a 15-20 min free discovery meeting to see if we both want to work together. Please contact me below and I will respond within 24 hours. Thank you and looking forward to receive your request. / Anne-Marie xx

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The transformational coaching incorporating style!

In the coaching sessions we will look at, where you are at the moment, what is it that you are struggling with and want to change and how you can move forward. I practice transformational coaching, this means we mainly look in to the future and not so much what has happened in the past. Although this does come up as we are often conditioned by the past.

I recommend working on what’s stopping you on the inside and couple that with the outer style and confidence work. So we would schedule in proper coaching sessions combined with style coaching. I will suggest a number of sessions in a package and if we would like to continue working together then we do a new package. All will be in writing.

What I do!

I help you to:

*Improve on your body- and self image to gain confidence and self acceptance.

*Work on how to fully accept yourself so you can feel a fulfilment within.

*Work on some self-esteem and confidence issues so you can be happy again.

*Work on who you are, so you can feel confident about yourself.

*Clear out your clothes in your wardrobe that you don’t use anymore and in that way feel lighter and organised.

*Stop feeling overwhelmed by the different clothing styles in the shops and not knowing what style to choose from and instead feeling confident what style to go for.

*Find your unique style in clothing, hair or makeup that reflects your personality.

*Have more quality and less clothes to simplify your wardrobe.

*Spend less on clothing and be more environmentally friendly with your choices. 

*Be able to combine and match your clothes in your wardrobe to reduce and keep your wardrobe neat and simple.

*Learn how to do you own makeup perfectly to feel good about yourself.

*Put a unique stamp of your style in your new job.

*Know more about makeup products and clear your makeup bag. 

Lets start the work!